Our History

1981: In this year there was the foundation of our company by Mr. Georg Woitzik and Mrs. Marianne Woitzik. At that time Siemens and Agfa already belong to our customers.

1982: The first trainee began his apprenticeship at Gewo Feinmechanik GmbH. Today 83 trainees have already closed their education. 46 of the trainees are precision mechanic, master or head of department now.

1986: Mr. and Mrs. Woitzik bought a parcel of land with 3.100 m² and were building a production hall in Hörlkofen near Erding with about 1.100 m² effective area.

1989: There was the expansion of our production hall for a bigger stock. They wanted to get a shorter manufacturing time with a bigger stock for material.

1994: Gewo Feinmechanik GmbH took over the company H.Hölzel for laboratory equipment with 15 employees. The family-run concern wanted to get a second main pillar with their own products. In the year 1994, the son Stefan Woitzik, of Mr. and Mrs. Woitzik joined to the company Gewo Feinmechanik.

2000: The number of employees is increasing. Gewo is employing 70 people now. Also the second son Andreas Woitzik joined to Gewo.

2004: Expansion of the milling department with the machine Matec 30P. This machine give us the opportunity to deal with components with 3×3 metres.

2006: Building of our hall 4 with extra 500 m² effective area.

2007: Mr. and Mrs. Woitzik bought a piece of land with 25.000 m² for a parking area.

2008: Building of a new production hall with 1.400 m² effective area and a new cleanroom with 200 m², where we moved into in June.

2009: 130 employees are engaged at Gewo. The currently effective area comprises 6.500 m². We got a certification from the TÜV after DIN ISO 9001:2008.

2010: Mr. and Mrs. Woitzik took over the company Richard Staab GmbH & Co. included all employees.

2011: In this year there was the 30-years company anniversary. The 3 companies were fusing together to GEWO-Feinmechanik GmbH. The brand name H.Hölzel is still available.
Mr. Woitzik takes over the management.

2012: Currently we engage about 215 employees. The new build of our second factory is full in progress. The factory in Bahnhofstr.; 85457 Hörlkofen embrances the house number 39-47. At tje end of December 2012 was the relocation of the milling area, some measuring machines and a few master Offices to our new plant.

2013: Our distribution, assembly, construction and our dust-free-rooms moved to plant 2. Commissioning of the largest machine in the company GEWO – the DMC210U, our innovative 5-Axis milling Center with a 5-Port pallets Station.
We currently employ 250 people.

2014: Completion of some Offices in our new plant. Purchase of already 7 milling machines. Increase of our workforce up to 281 employees. Andreas Woitzik is since June 2014 director with his brother.

Since 1982, many trainees have completed their vocational training and are fully qualified, some of them are still working for GEWO as skilled labor, master craftsmen or head of a department. Right now (2017), GEWO employes 64 trainees in 6 different jobs.