Component cleaning

We clean your parts in preparation for subsequent operations such as Surface treatment or bonding, and for use in clean rooms, vacuum and ultrahigh vacuum.

With our wide range of cleaning methods, we can clean parts of different geometry and size of various materials such as stainless steel, mu-metal, aluminum, non-ferrous metals and plastics.

In our PLANT 2 for cleaning are a gray area with 200m ² of production space and a clean room (ISO 7 areas with ISO 5) with 200 m² for disposal.

• Cleaning Categories
– Oil and chip free cleaning
– Clean room capable cleaning
– Vacuum-compatible cleaning
– UHV-compatible cleaning
– Passivation of Stainless Steels
– According to customer specifications

• Cleaning procedures
– ultrasonic cleaning
– spray cleaning
– steam cleaning
– Baking in a convection oven
– Heating in a vacuum oven
– plasma cleaning
– UHV-cleaning system with residual gas plant

• Procedures
– Water-break test
– Swabbing
– microscope
– UV lamp
– particle Sizer
– Residual gas plant

• packaging
– Under clean room conditions (ISO 5)
– Clean polybag / PE welded
– Clean aluminum foil
– Parts specific special packaging
– Atmosphere (N2)
– Label (labeled cleaning category or customized)